news | October 21, 2020

Insight Tree Podcast - Who do you think you are


Almost one-third of the population plays video games yet of this group, less than half actually identify as a gamer. Why is there this disconnect between the activity of playing games and self-identification? And how does this disconnect impact our understanding of who the gaming audience really is?

Jan Bojko, Head of Insights and Partner Research, and Zachary Heinemann, Head of Quantitative Research, discuss new research from Activision Blizzard Media which surveyed over 20,000 gamers and found a unique connection between the concept of identity and the disparate gaming audience segments.

Explore the full research discussed in the podcast here.


For quick listening, jump to the questions covered at the timestamps below. 

[1:11] Tell us about the research.

[4:48] Is the gamer stereotype out of date?

[8:43] Were you surprised to find that less than half of gamers identify as a gamer?

[18:00] What role does platform play in the discussion of gamer identity?

[23:33] Has the way we think about gamers evolved with the gaming industry?