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Jonathan Stringfield, VP, Global Business Research & Marketing at Activision Blizzard Media presenting new research


IAB UK Gaming Upfronts 2022 Recap

November 14, 2022

2 minute read

Industry leaders convened at the annual IAB UK Gaming Upfronts to discuss the state of gaming and how advertisers can continue to engage this growing channel. Jonathan Stringfield, VP, Global Business Research & Marketing at Activision Blizzard Media presented new research focused on the immersive nature of gaming and how it delivers unique social connection, both in-game and beyond.


 “Gaming is on the cutting edge of a fundamental reconfiguration of the media and consumer landscape," stated Stringfield, underscoring the importance of the channel and the potential for brands to tap into gaming through a variety of ad formats.


Jonathan was joined by James Whatley, Chief Strategy Officer at Diva Agency, for a fireside chat where they discussed the importance of the player-first mentality when discovering applicable entry points for brands wanting to advertise in the in-game environment. 


“We work best when we are putting things in front of players that they want to see,” encouraged Whatley, who instills relevance as a core tenant to campaign success within the gaming ecosystem. 


Among the most powerful takeaways from the presentation is how people spend more time gaming than interacting with social media. This presents a tremendous opportunity for marketers, who have increasingly leaned into communal platforms to share their messages and reap the benefit of a tuned-in audience. In addition, with the multitude of ways that brands can enter the gaming ecosystem, they should be looking for insights to inform strategy and capitalize on the social effects of the game. 


The Real Social Connector: How Gaming Drives Community, Authenticity, and Engagement, examines the power of fandom, and the unique ability to foster and enhance bonds through gameplay. By uncovering why people play and how the social elements of gaming support a sense of community, advertisers can harness new opportunities to reach interactive and engaged audiences like never before.

Activision Blizzard Media at IAB UK Gaming Upfronts 2022 Video

For more information about Activision Blizzard Media’s in-game ad experiences, click here or contact ads@activisionblizzardmedia.com to set an appointment to learn more.

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