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Activision Blizzard Media is the gateway for brands to the #1 cross-platform gaming company in the western world, with hundreds of millions of players across over 190 countries.  This includes mobile game franchises such as Candy Crush®, great eSports opportunities like the Call of Duty® and Overwatch® Leagues, and some of the top PC and console gaming franchises such as World of Warcraft®, Call of Duty®, and StarCraft®.

The idea is simple: great game experiences offer great marketing experiences. We're leveraging our decades of experience making interactive entertainment people love, and our industry-leading expertise in marketing our games to consumers, to create world-class marketing opportunities.  

We're starting with our broadest audience, mobile gamers.  The accessibility of smartphones has ensured that virtually everyone is a gamer, with over 2.2B people playing mobile games worldwide. Gaming is one of the biggest time investments among consumers for mobile, yet advertiser spending and attention have been slow to follow relative to social. This yields a real opportunity for forward-thinking brands.

Our roster of iconic franchises includes:

  • World of Warcraft®
  • StarCraft®
  • Diablo®
  • Hearthstone®
  • Heroes of the Storm®
  • Overwatch®
  • Call of Duty®
  • Skylanders®
  • Candy Crush®
  • Farm Heroes®
  • Pet Rescue®
  • Bubble Witch®

From our start in mobile, the possibilities moving forward are nearly endless. Over time, we will be rolling out media integrations across the entire Activision Blizzard portfolio, prioritizing the platforms which provide the greatest opportunities for brands.

We believe this is an exciting and safe opportunity for us to introduce you to the world of gaming. We want to partner with you now and give you an exclusive look into the full Activision Blizzard portfolio. In doing so, you will help us shape what future opportunities are most attractive for brands.

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