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Call of Duty: Mobile Player Profile

James Curran, Research Lead, Activision Blizzard Media

James Curran, Research Lead, Activision Blizzard Media

November 21, 2023

8 minute read

Call of Duty (COD) has been a trailblazer in the gaming industry since its launch in 2003. With regular releases and updates since, it has consistently dominated the market, making it a perennial favorite among dedicated gamers—so much so that our research shows 18% of all gamers are COD players (Source: Activision Blizzard Media Internal Data). This equates to 118 million franchise players in the past year alone, with 26 million of those players residing in the US.

Call of Duty: Mobile has its own unique player demographics, with 57 million global MAUs, 46% of whom are household decision-makers. They're also 28% more likely than average to buy brands based on advertising, making them an attractive audience for advertisers and brands.

The players who make up this community are among the most loyal and invested consumers in gaming, and often carry a lot of weight in the purchasing decisions of their household. But who are these players? What do they care about and want from their COD experience—and how can advertisers satisfy their expectations?

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5 Things Advertisers Need to Know About Call of Duty Players

  1. Brand Influence Powerhouse: Research on the halo effect of fandom indicates that Call of Duty player’s love of the game significantly drives purchase behavior, especially towards automotive brands. Players of Call of Duty: Mobile are more likely to purchase from brands advertising in their favorite games and learn about these brands. This shows the potential of in-game advertising in influencing consumer behavior.

  2. Ad-Friendly Gaming Frontline: Call of Duty Mobile players are highly receptive to ads, with 86% having a favorable view of rewarded video ads and 71% watching these ads at least once a day. This opens opportunities for effective ad placements. (Source: Internal Activision Blizzard Media Call of Duty Mobile Player Research, Q3 2021)

  3. Gamers’ First Love: According to Nielsen, Call of Duty is the preferred franchise for dedicated US gamers, even above other popular franchises across genres such as Action, Adventure, & Role-Playing games. This popularity can enhance ad visibility and engagement.

  4. Strategic Brand Alliance Vanguard: Call of Duty has had successful partnerships with top brands, athletes, and entertainment franchises, driven by player insights data. This track record demonstrates the potential for mutually beneficial collaborations with advertisers.

  5. Franchise Player Magnet: There's a substantial crossover between Call of Duty players and those of other franchises. Nearly 1/5th of monthly Modern Warfare II players have played the market's top sports and top battle royale games in the same month, demonstrating the wide appeal and reach of the Call of Duty franchise. Advertisers can leverage this overlap to target players across multiple gaming platforms.

The Reach and Reputation of Call of Duty: Mobile 

Call of Duty, a gaming franchise with a substantial reputation and reach, has evolved into a powerful advertising platform. It transcends traditional advertising methods by offering unique opportunities for in-game integrations and physical product partnerships, successful examples of which have been seen with top brands, athletes, and entertainment franchises. This success is largely attributed to the alignment of audience preferences as revealed by internal Player Insights data.

However, the true strength of Call of Duty: Mobile as an advertising platform lies in its players. They are not just gamers, but influential consumers and decision-makers who are highly receptive to advertising. Their loyalty to brands and significant influence over purchasing decisions make them a valuable asset for advertisers.

Call of Duty: Mobile transcends the boundaries of a typical game. It serves as a platform where advertisers can build meaningful relationships and foster brand loyalty within this influential community. Notably, over 25% of PC/Console Call of Duty players have also engaged with the mobile version, providing advertisers an extended reach to this demographic. (Source: Internal Activision Player Insights Player Crossover Study, February 2023)

By harnessing the power of these players, advertisers can innovate and craft player-centric advertising strategies, unlocking unparalleled opportunities in the realm of gaming advertising.

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