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Melinda Spence on stage at Advertising Week Europe 2024


Advertising Week Europe and Media360 2024 Recap

May 28, 2024

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Advertising and gaming took center stage at two key industry events in May: Advertising Week Europe and Media360. At both events, Activision Blizzard Media shared its latest insights about the gaming audience from our newest report, “The Many Ways We Play: A New View of Game Players.”

The events brought together brand leaders to explore the evolving nature of media, consumer behavior, and the burgeoning opportunities within the gaming industry.

Advertising Week Europe

At Advertising Week Europe 2024 Melinda Spence, Head of Global Advertising Insights, delivered a detailed presentation challenging outdated stereotypes of players and presenting a nuanced view of this diverse and leaned-in audience. Spence emphasized the enduring nature of gaming, revealing that a significant portion of the UK gaming audience has been engaged in this pastime for over a decade. With 79% of UK gamers playing or watching video games more than four times a week, the session underscored the high frequency and sustained engagement of players.

Melinda Spence on stage at Advertising Week Europe 2024 presenting The Many Ways We Play.

Photo: Shutterstock for Advertising Week

Campaign UK Media360

Held in the city of Brighton, Campaign UK Media360 continued its tradition of leading industry thought and innovation. Chris Bailes, Head of Sales for EMEA  showcased the evolving behaviors and motivations of modern players who engage across various platforms and media. The session’s theme, “risks,” focused on misconceptions about gaming, that working with the right partner in gaming mitigates risk and enhances the gaming experience—which strongly resonated with attendees. Bailes then highlighted the importance of leveraging creativity to capture audience attention in a highly competitive landscape.

During a fireside chat with Lisa Boyles from giffgaff, the discussion delved into practical strategies for engaging gaming audiences. They explored the significance of authentic brand presence and the necessity of understanding gaming communities to create high-impact campaigns. Additionally, they discussed how shifts in media consumption have changed how advertisers approach their channel mix, positioning gaming as a mainstream media platform.

Chris Bailes presenting at Campaign UK Media360 for a full room.

Photo: Campaign UK Media360

Key Takeaways

  1. Diverse Gaming Ecosystem: Today’s diverse gaming audience has nuanced behaviors and motivations. It’s essential for advertisers to understand the multifaceted ways people engage with games across different platforms and genres.

  2. Unified Gaming Habits: Despite varying preferences, mobile gaming emerged as a common thread among all the discussed player segments, uniting players across different demographics and playing styles. This commonality presents a strategic platform for advertisers to engage a broad and dynamic audience.

  3. Engaged and Attentive Audience: Gaming offers a unique opportunity for brands to connect with an attentive and highly engaged audience. With players demonstrating high levels of engagement and recall, the potential for effective advertising is significant.

  4. Positive Reception to Advertising: Players are open to advertising when it is immersive, non-intrusive, and respects the gaming experience. Research indicates that 62% of players are more likely to purchase from brands advertising in their favorite games, highlighting the importance of quality ad experiences.

  5. Innovative Advertising Approaches: Effective campaigns require creative and respectful advertising strategies that align with the gaming environment. Brands are encouraged to adopt innovative approaches that enhance player enjoyment and align with the authentic gaming experience.

The focus on gaming at Advertising Week Europe and Media360 demonstrates the industry’s growing interest in the opportunities this platform offers brands, and revealed the practical success of brands taking part today. Advertisers who are authentically reaching out to players in gaming are reaping the rewards of acknowledging these audiences for their unique qualities and behaviors—a trend that is poised to continue.

Game Theory

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