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The Many Ways We Play: A New View of Game Players

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Gamers hold a significant influence in the global economy, accounting for over $184B annually (Newzoo, Global Games Market Report, 2023). The industry is characterized by its diversity, both in terms of the games it offers and the audience it attracts. To gain a deeper understanding of today's gaming audiences, Activision Blizzard Media conducted a survey of 10,202 gamers. 

This comprehensive survey led to the identification of six distinct gaming audience segments, namely mobile-centric players and multiplatform players. The study provides an in-depth understanding of players' gameplay frequency, years of gaming experience, preferred platforms and genres, self-identity, motivations, and the emotions elicited by gaming.

This report, "The Many Ways We Play: A New View of Game Players," gives insights into the gaming audience's diverse segments and their unique attitudes toward advertising. It offers a new perspective on how to approach gamer groups for more effective and inclusive strategies, transforming the generic approach into a tailored ad strategy.


  • Gaming audiences are segmented into six distinct groups: The Gaming Veterans, The Late Adopters, The Casual Connectors, The Up-and-Comers, The New Media Consumers, and The Devoted.

  • A significant 86% of players engage in mobile gaming at least once per week, indicating its universal nature.

  • Among all genres, Puzzle games have the highest engagement rates across all segments.

  • Despite the diversity, all segments share a common value: they appreciate rewards linked to advertisements but dislike when an ad interrupts gameplay.

Research Methodology

Activision Blizzard Media conducted a quantitative study of adults over 18 who played, watched, or engaged with video games at least once in the past month to better understand the gaming audience. Clustering was performed using a k-prototypes model, selected for its ability to handle categorical and numerical data effectively. The online-based study surveyed 10,202 gamers across the United States and the United Kingdom.

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