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Snapshot: Key Insights About Today's Diverse Players

June 14, 2024

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The gaming landscape is a diverse and dynamic space where billions of players find connection and engagement. Activision Blizzard Media’s latest research into player identities, “The Many Ways We Play: A New View of Game Players,” explores mobile gaming's role and advertising receptivity, offering advertisers a nuanced view of these unique and multifaceted consumers. It’s no longer enough to know that there are 3.4 billion players worldwide—not without respecting the numerous, overlapping entry points into this complex, growing ecosystem. Gaming is not monolithic, and these insights not only shed light on gaming’s current dynamics but will also help brands develop resonant strategies for engaging with players.

Here are a few of the most important things to know about the gaming audience:

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Key Insights

1. The Identity of a Gamer: The traditional definition of "gamer" has expanded. It now includes not only those who identify as gamers but also those who regularly engage with games on various platforms for different reasons—players. This broadening of the gamer identity creates more touchpoints for brands to connect with diverse and engaged audiences.

2. The Role of Mobile Gaming: Mobile gaming is a universal activity, with 50-60% of six identified player segments engaging in mobile gaming daily. It serves as a unifying trait across all player types, regardless of their preferred platform or playing frequency. This widespread engagement with mobile gaming offers advertisers a significant opportunity to reach a broad and active user base.

3. Segmented Advertising Receptivity: Different player segments show varied receptivity to advertising. Understanding these differences is crucial for brands to tailor their marketing strategies and drive more effective campaigns. For example, game players are 1.3 times more likely to enjoy reward-based advertising experiences and 1.4 times more likely to make a purchase after seeing an advertisement. Targeting ads to specific player segments can significantly enhance campaign effectiveness and brand resonance.

4. The Social and Relaxation Aspects of Gaming: All player segments share a common appreciation for the social connection and relaxation that games provide. This underlines the importance of games as a medium for both social interaction and stress relief. Brands can leverage these social factors by fostering word-of-mouth marketing and creating campaigns that encourage players to share their experiences within their gaming communities.

5. The Age and Tenure of Players: Contrary to the stereotype, gaming is not just a youthful pastime. The data revealed a significant number of players with long tenure and average ages above 30 across all segments. This demographic diversity allows brands to target not just younger audiences but also mature, loyal gamers with considerable purchasing power.

6. The Overlap between Multiplatform and Mobile-Centric Players: There is a strong correlation between individuals who play games across multiple platforms and those who identify as gamers. This demonstrates that the identity of a "gamer" is not confined to a single platform but spans several. Advertisers can capitalize on this by creating cross-platform campaigns that engage gamers wherever they play.

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Adding to the Player Experience

Delving deeper into the habits and preferences of today’s diverse player community, we’ve mapped out the extensive landscape where players of all types converge—whether by consoles, PCs, handheld platforms, or smartphones. This data-driven approach illuminates the paths game players take to feel engaged, highlighting how integral gaming has become to daily life and how it intersects with various lifestyle and entertainment choices.

Our research opens up new opportunities and ways of thinking for brands aiming to reach the player community. Understanding their identities and their main activities, such as mobile gaming, allows for the creation of more effective and welcomed advertisements. By tapping into gaming as a means of relaxation and social connection, brands can transform their messages into valuable parts of players’ experiences.

This approach fosters stronger, more meaningful connections with players, leading to remarkable results for brands.

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