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Gamer Persona: Player Ones

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October 01, 2020

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To better understand the gaming audience, Activision Blizzard Media conducted a quantitative study among adults over the age of 18 who played, watched, or engaged with video games at least once in the past month. The result was six distinct gamer personas based on demographics, platforms used, motivations, attitudes, and psychographics. Read about the Player One persona below.


Player Ones

Despite representing only 25% of gamers, Player Ones are the group that most people think of when they hear the word gamer. These gamers don’t just like to play, they love it. They are young, game wherever and whenever they can, and spend frequently and substantially on their love for gaming.

For Player Ones, gaming is as much a lifestyle as a hobby. They’ve been playing games consistently for decades, making gaming a core part of their identity. They stay on top of the gaming world, reading the latest gaming news and getting their hands on new games as soon as (or even before) they’re officially released. This early adoption also extends to gaming hardware, with Player Ones more likely to have the latest and greatest gaming tech compared to most other gaming segments. The only thing stopping them from gaming more often are major life events like getting an education, going to work, or having a family.

Despite their busy lives, Player Ones remain committed to gaming. Their passion for games is no secret to those who know them, and this gaming expertise is often tapped into by friends or family who are looking to purchase technology products and services themselves. Their willingness to throw themselves into any gaming experience is likely explained by the confidence they feel when playing games. Game play grants them a valuable sense of freedom and empowers them with the capacity for exploration and self-expression. They don’t care what platform they are playing on, as long as they are playing.

  • 50 %

    Feel very confident while playing games

  • 35

    Average Age

  • 69 %


Player Ones Favorite games: Diablo, Call of Duty, Overwatch, World of WarCraft, and Hearthstone

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