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Answering The Call Of Duty: Activision Blizzard Media’s Virtual Agency Showdown Highlights

March 31, 2021

5 minute read

When Activision Blizzard Media was looking for a way to engage with the advertising industry through a fun and engaging virtual event, it was no surprise that so many of our agency partners and friends answered the call. Or more specifically, the Call of Duty.

Activision Blizzard Media’s Virtual Agency Showdown, which saw teams from our agency partners go head-to-head in an online Call of Duty battle, encapsulated what it is that makes gaming so popular that it is enjoyed by over 2.7 billion people globally - social connection, a sense of purpose and achievement, and of course, fun.

Throughout the week, teams from rival agencies battled it out in the quest for ultimate glory, getting a small taste of the excitement and action of the professional Call of Duty League. The hits were big, the gameplay was strategic, but it was the dedication to the cause that was the biggest highlight of the tournament.

The rules of engagement:

  • 16 teams faced off in a series of 3v3 Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Search and Destroy matches
  • In Search and Destroy, your goal depends on whether you are an attacker or a defender:
    • Attackers
      • eliminate all of the opposing team or plant a bomb on one of two sites on the map and make sure the bomb goes off
    • Defenders
      • eliminate all of the opposing team or defuse a bomb that has been planted on one of two sites on the map
  • Win six Search and Destroy matches and you’ve won a round. Win two out of three rounds and you’ve won your bracket and made it to the next stage.
  • This continues until only two teams are left standing, with the winner of the final crowned the ultimate Agency Showdown champion.

“The livestream production and commentary was brilliant, and the overall vibe was really positive and friendly. Great fun!"

Activision Blizzard Media Virtual Agency Showdown Hall of Fame


  • Virtual Agency Showdown #1 (US) Champion -  W Key United (Zero Code - Omnicom)
  • Virtual Agency Showdown #2 (US) Champion - The Off Patents (Carat)



  • Virtual Agency Showdown #3 (UK) Champion - Bojo’s Lasagne (OMD UK)
  • Virtual Agency Showdown #4 (US) Champion - The Kings of It (TKOi - OMD)

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