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The Rise of Female Gamers and What It Means for the Ads Industry

August 16, 2022

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According to a recent report by the Entertainment Software Association, nearly half of all gamers in the United States identify as female. It's a powerful statistic that firmly challenges the misconception that the gaming audience is predominantly male.

And while awareness of the diversity of gamers is increasing, there remains an opportunity to understand better the full depth of female gamers, including their behaviors, motivations, and habits.

For brands, female gamers represent a valuable and highly engaged audience. And by knowing more about how and why they interact with gaming, brands will be better positioned to connect with them authentically and effectively.

Gaming is a core part of the weekly routine

Female gamers like to game, and they enjoy gaming often. Almost 7 in 10 female gamers play over five times a week, establishing gaming as a core part of their weekly entertainment routine. It's a habit that shows no sign of changing, with 83% of female gamers reporting that they plan to continue gaming the same amount or more in the next 12 months. Gaming isn't just a hobby for female gamers - it's a passion. It's a way to connect with friends, relieve stress, and escape from the everyday grind.

Gaming is a popular activity throughout the day

Female gamer playing a mobile game on the couch

Almost any time of the day is an excellent time to game for female gamers. While the most common time of day for gaming is during the evening between 6-10 PM, gaming is a popular activity throughout the day. Regarding media-based leisure activities, gaming is one of the top pastimes among female players at any point during the day—typically alongside watching TV or browsing social media. Gaming has become the most popular activity during the afternoon (2-6 PM) on weekdays and during midday (10am-2pm) on weekends among this audience.

Gaming is an active companion to other activities

Female gamers are also multi-tasking masters. Around 9 in 10 female gamers are multi-screeners, with a tendency to use multiple devices simultaneously. This second screen behavior often takes the form of video games, with 71% of female gamers playing video games while watching TV. Gaming is a core part of their media consumption behaviors, even being enjoyed in tandem with other forms of entertainment. It's also what female gamers turn to when looking for a leaned-in, engaging experience alongside more passive viewing experiences. 

Gaming content consumption is on the rise

Female gamers don't just like to play video games; they also enjoy watching gaming content. One in four female gamers watch esports content on a monthly or more frequent basis, demonstrating that female gamers' passion extends beyond just the in-game experience. Esports provides female gamers another outlet to enjoy and engage with gaming and provides brands another platform to reach this audience. 


Female gamers represent a significant and growing segment of the gaming community. Their motivations and behaviors are unique, but their passion for gaming, whether playing or watching, is evident. Gaming is a core part of their weekly and daily routine, with female gamers always looking for opportunities to game even as they engage with other forms of media. By understanding the distinctive needs and interests of female gamers, brands will be better placed to reach them when they are most engaged in a way that is authentic to the gaming experience. 

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Source: Activision Blizzard Media US Second Screening Study, December 2021

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