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Prada Playables Campaign - Activision Blizzard Media

Case Study

40,000 Prada Samples Requested in Less Than a Day

The Overview &  Goal

L’Oréal sought to drive awareness and favorability of their Prada Candy fragrance by reigniting the product’s relevance with their A18-34 target audience. Prada Candy partnered with Activision Blizzard Media to delight players by bringing the fragrance into the world of Candy Crush Saga.

As one of the world’s most popular mobile games with over 240MM active users, the characters and world of Candy Crush are beloved by players. This creative collaboration brought together Prada Candy and Candy Crush’s brand into a custom mini-game that provided players with an elevated ad experience, enhancing gameplay and deepening brand affinity.

  • Campaign Objectives: Awareness & Favorability
  • Campaign Date: November - December 2022
  • Markets Measured: United States
  • Inventory: King Games

The Solution

L’Oréal and Activision Blizzard Media created an ad experience that leveraged the fun, playful nature of both Prada Candy and Candy Crush Saga. Through a custom first-of-its-kind Playable, Activision Blizzard Media weaved together the fragrance and the game’s iconic design. The mini-game integrated Candy Crush IP into a classic memory match game where the Prada Candy product was gamified along with familiar Candy Crush candy pieces and hidden within chests. Players had to tap chests one at a time and match the correct pairs.

The experience was the perfect balance of fun and challenge that Candy Crush players have come to expect and love. Once completed, players were able to redeem a fragrance sample and learn more about the product.

Prada Playables Campaign - Activision Blizzard Media

  • 40000

    Candy Prada Samples Requested

The Success

The campaign was highly successful in driving interest and sampling of the fragrance. Within 24 hours, 40,000 fragrance samples were requested by players who played the mini-game and the fragrance redemption site saw a nearly 1,800% increase in weekly traffic. 

“Our campaign with Activision Blizzard Media led to a bounce in Prada Candy sales, which reversed its downtrend. The sampling aspect was especially crucial for driving sales for the fragrance.”

Nobles Crawford

Assistant Vice President of Consumer Activation, L’Oréal

Prada Playables Campaign Results

The Perfect Match

L’Oréal and Activision Blizzard Media’s partnership drove significant uplift for Prada Candy across all key metrics.

Ad Recall and Awareness experienced exceptional double-digit growth, while Favorability saw a +3.5% lift.

  • +1813 %

    Increase in Web Traffic

  • 6.6 %

    Click-through Rate

  • 98.9 %

    Engagement Rate

  • 96.2 %

    Completion Rate

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