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Gamer Persona: Lifestylists

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October 01, 2020

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To better understand the gaming audience, Activision Blizzard Media conducted a quantitative study among adults over the age of 18 who played, watched, or engaged with video games at least once in the past month. The result was six distinct gamer personas based on demographics, platforms used, motivations, attitudes, and psychographics. Read about the Lifestylist persona below.



For Lifestylists, gaming is a mainstay of everyday entertainment. While their gaming interests are broad when it comes to platforms and genres, their preferred games are predictably mainstream. They invest time and money into the most popular elements of gaming culture. 

The originality, visual graphics, and mental stimulation gaming provides is highly appealing to Lifestylists. Gaming is a preferred hobby, and they prioritize it over other more traditional entertainment interests. This group is the least likely out of all the personas to be found watching TV more than once a week. They would much rather spend their time going to movies, reading, creating art, or listening to podcasts.

Lifestylists play across PC and console in almost equal amounts, trailing only the most devoted players in their engagement. Some have been playing for decades, while others have ramped up their interest in games more recently. They devote extra time to learning about the gaming space and industry by reading gaming news, and they appreciate the skills of other players by watching gaming streams and competitive esports matches.

This group owns the gamer label, but the label doesn’t typify their core sense of self. They reject popular misconceptions about gamers, yet they’re also unlikely to highly associate positive attributes to gamers. For Lifestylists, gaming makes them a part of a community, but it isn’t singular in adding dimension to their lives. 

  • 47 %

    More likely to be found watching gaming content or reading gaming news at least weekly

  • 36

    Average Age

  • 66 %


Lifestylists Favorite Games: Diablo, Bubble Witch, Overwatch, Call of Duty, and StarCraft

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