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Gamer Persona: Super Swipers

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Activision Blizzard Media

October 02, 2020

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To better understand the gaming audience, Activision Blizzard Media conducted a quantitative study among adults over the age of 18 who played, watched, or engaged with video games at least once in the past month. The result was six distinct gamer personas based on demographics, platforms used, motivations, attitudes, and psychographics. Read about the Super Swiper persona below.


Super Swipers

Super Swipers like to play games, but they don’t want gaming to define them. Their approach to gaming is one of casual recreation, driven primarily by the fact that they’re either fairly new to the gaming scene or haven’t played consistently for a while. However, it’s this group’s quiet engagement that makes them so interesting.

Super Swipers invest more time per week with mobile games than your average gamer, with three-quarters of Super Swipers playing mobile games at least weekly. They can be found enjoying Candy Crush or Words With Friends in their leisure time after work or on weekends.

So why don’t Super Swipers identify as gamers? It’s because they don’t feel they play enough games or spend enough money to qualify. Their ideal time off is spent with loved ones, and their preferred activities are watching TV and cooking, which they do almost daily. Their lack of a deeper connection to gaming characters, events, and social features may also widen the gap between this audience’s self-identification and gaming behavior.

Super Swipers’ motivations for gaming are strongly tied to the enjoyment of gaming itself. Four out of five Super Swipers bask in the sense of achievement from overcoming in-game obstacles. Super Swipers may reject the gamer label, but they can’t reject their love of gaming.

  • 58%

    More likely than your average gamer to play word matching games

  • 50

    Average Age

  • 64%


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