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October 02, 2023

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The numbers in gaming are staggering: a global audience of over three billion and an industry worth more than $188 billion1. But contrary to popular belief, gaming is not purely dominated by young males. A significant portion of the gaming audience, 1 in 52, is made up of women with children, a segment that has remained largely unstudied. 

This report takes a closer look at gamer moms—including their lifestyles, connection with their family, buying decision influence, and interaction with brands. It compares the behaviors of gamer moms to their non-gaming counterparts. This research will present a clearer picture of who gamers are today while showcasing the opportunity for brands to reach and connect with these economic powerhouses. 


  • Most moms are gamers, and gaming is a core part of their lives
  • Gaming delivers value, positivity, and deepens family bonds
  • Gamer moms are valuable consumers (more so than non-gamer moms)


Activision Blizzard Media utilized Toluna’s survey panel to conduct a quantitative research study among 8,500 adults 18+ in the United States. All respondents are female parents 18+ with at least one child under the age of 18 at home. Gamer moms are moms who have either gamed, watched TV, used social media, and/or watched online videos in the past 30 days and who did not work in related industries (i.e. advertising, media, gaming, or market research). Where comparisons have been made between gamer moms and non-gamer moms, differences were found statistically significant with 90% confidence.

US Sample:

Gamer Moms: N = 842 Non-Gamer Moms: N = 495

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1Newzoo Global Games Market Report, July 2023

2GlobalWebIndex, GWI Gaming, Q4 2021 - Q2 2023 (Base: Global Internet Users 18+)

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