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The Interactive Advertising Format That Is Winning Over Audiences

October 10, 2022

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In a world where consumers are increasingly turning to their phones, tablets, and computers for entertainment, marketers are continuously looking for ways to capture their target audience's share of attention with effective and engaging advertising techniques. Fortunately, one such ad format has emerged as a compelling addition to the always-evolving digital marketing landscape: Playables.

Unlike a traditional static or interactive video ad type, Playables allows users to interact with the brand directly in a fun and immersive way that helps drive awareness and brand recall. And for brands willing to take that next innovative step forward, here are four reasons why an interactive ad campaign can be the right approach:


Interactive advertising is changing the way people view ads

More and more, brands are looking for ways to break through the noise and create truly unforgettable experiences. But introducing ad campaigns to players by interrupting or, in some instances, preventing them from continuing to access the entertainment they're engaged in can make even the most relevant ads a one-way ticket to being remembered for all the wrong reasons. Enter playable in-app ads.

Playables are designed and developed with a player-first approach to ensure they fit seamlessly into the gaming experience. When a player is deep in the flow of play, they're happy, relaxed, and focused entirely on the task at hand. Rather than pulling them away from that flow state to explain the relevance of an offering quickly, brands can now join players within the flow state. And as most gamers can attest to, shared positive gaming experiences are a great thing to look back on and an even easier way for a brand to be remembered for all the right reasons.


Interactive ad campaigns are a better way to grab attention and keep it

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Audiences are becoming increasingly ad-aware, and, in turn, advertisers are becoming increasingly concerned about things like ad fatigue and banner blindness. Playable ads provide a strong way for brands to tell their story in a way that both excites and encourages consumers to take action. It catches them when they are most leaned in, and most importantly, it keeps the fun going by creating a one-to-one experience that can be just as educational as it is entertaining.

What’s more, the mechanisms behind interactive ad campaigns vs. traditional ad campaigns can be custom designed to achieve specific marketing goals. For example, if a food brand wants to introduce players to a new tasty treat, they can create a mini-game where their ingredients become interactive elements for the player to combine. Or, if a cleaning product company wanted to demonstrate how easily their product makes cleaning up messes, they can create a gamified experience that does just that.

The possibilities are endless, and with the right creative approach, any brand's next interactive advertising campaign could be the one to level up its advertising effectiveness.


The benefits of using an interactive advertising format

As the adoption of interactive marketing campaigns expands, Playables continue to prove their efficacy amongst other interactive video advertising benchmarks:

  • Playable Viewability is on par with our standard Viewability for Rewarded Video and ~+30% when compared to Industry In-App Video Benchmarks

  • Due to the ad format’s nature, Playables enjoy extremely high engagement rates with a +95% completion rate in line with Rewarded Video  

In today's competitive business landscape, it's more important than ever not just to be where the target audience is but to engage consumers directly with what feels like a personalized experience.


How Interactive ads are helping brands achieve their business goals

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As consumers become savvier, they’re able to skillfully tune out ads that present as intrusive, and poorly coordinated advertising. In order to remain top-of-mind, brands must find new ways to tell their story in a way that is both exciting and informative.

The custom-gamified nature of interactive advertising allows brands to play up their unique selling points while still delivering a promise of merriment and an engrossing experience for the consumer. Interactive advertising allows for greater control over the narrative, allowing brands to hone in on their key messages, and interactive campaigns allow a brand's story to be told on their terms.



Advertisers who can tap into the power of Playables and create engaging experiences for their target audiences will be the ones who come out on top, and as the adoption of interactive ad types continues, Playables continue to prove their efficacy. The custom-gamified nature of interactive advertising allows brands to play up their unique strengths and create truly unforgettable experiences for audiences.

For more information about Activision Blizzard Media's in-game ad experiences, click here or contact ads@activisionblizzardmedia.com to learn more.

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